Subscriber Intelligence

Imagine a world where you can use previously inaccessible mobile subscriber and network data, from all the key UK mobile network operators, to fight fraud, protect your customers, and secure your business like you never could before.
Now stop imagining it and read about it. The JT Subscriber Intelligence solution will help you understand how Banking, eGaming, Retail and Utility businesses like yours can now benefit from:

  • Location-based security – Identify mismatches between the location of a card transaction and the location of the transactor
  • SIM-based verification – Instant insight into potentially risky SIM-swapping, unreachable numbers, network/subscriber mismatches, number recycling, and porting
  • Call-forwarding detection – Reveal when unconditional call forwarding has been activated before it subverts your security calls to the customer.

With fraud in businesses like yours costing the UK £1.1 billion per year, Subscriber Intelligence enables you to use data you’ve never previously had, to protect your business and your customers like you never before could.

The Subscriber Intelligence solution overview is full of information on topics that can help you change the way your business fights fraud, including:

  • Mobile network and subscriber data – the latest weapon in the fight against fraud
  • Fraud statistics that throw the challenges into focus
  • Use cases to show the practical benefit of the solution

Download the Subscriber Intelligence solution overview today!

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